I live in a small town in rural Warwickshire in the UK, I’m a Mum, a business owner and a passionate believer that anyone can achieve their dreams. 


My mission is to enable women to achieve independence in the deepest sense; time, financial, emotional and career - women are more capable than we give ourselves credit for and I want to empower you to claim your independence. 

What makes me someone you can learn from?

I know how you’re feeling now, because I’ve been there:

  • Having to account for every penny and money being spent before it was banked

  • Dreading anyone asking me about my business as I felt like I was failing.

  • Working in every moment, I wasn’t required as a Mum.

  • Starting to consider applying for part-time jobs.

Compared to now:

  • Living in my (for now) dream house with my dream car on the drive

  • Creating a ripple effect of helping countless women who then help others

  • Having a worklife balance to suit me

  • Being approached as a guest speaker and trainer

  • Sleeping soundly for at least 8 hours a night, stress free

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